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A Mulan Stamping Community

A Stamping Community for the Disney Movie Mulan
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Welcome to firewithin_r, a stamping community for Disney's 36th animated feature Mulan. My name is Olivia/los_york and I am your mod of this community. If you have any questions about ANYTHING, do not be afraid to PM. I would LOVE to help you out if you have a question

Rules & How to Vote

1. No flaming, insulting or trolling.
2. You must become a member before you can post.
3. You do NOT have to be stamped to vote.
4. Applications MUST be behind an lj-cut.
5. Cosplaying IS allowed, but please try to have at least one normal photo.
6. Please try and tag your app! It would help me a lot and you get your app stamped real quick.
7. If you REALLY do not like who you have been stamped as, you are allowed TWO other re-stamps for that theme.
8. When applying for a theme please put "Stamped as ____ // ____ Theme". Specify which theme you are doing or else we won't know which theme you are applying for.
9. DO NOT SHEEP VOTE! There is a difference between agreeing with someone and sheeping. You are allowed to screen your votes if you wish.
10. To show you've read these lovely rules, please put 'I'll Make a Man Out of You' in the subject line.
11. Please BOLD all votes! To do so, just put <*b>vote<*/b> or <*strong>vote<*/strong> (remove the stars)
12. Once you have 5 or more votes, you will be stamped by the majority vote.
13. Again, no flaming, insulting or trolling! Let's just be nice to each other! :D


Stamping options are here

Chinese Zodiac
Mulan's Outfits

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